The environment where our strawberries grow

Our natural environment is the main resource we have, Tasemar commitment is to produce in harmony with nature, in a sustainable and clean way, remaining aware at all times that the quality of our strawberries - the result of our work - will be a reflection of the care we put in our environment.

Tasemar since its creation was established in Rociana, Huelva. We are located in a region called Condado de Huelva, very close to the Atlantic coast and the Natural Park of DoƱana. Our climate is warm most of the year, the days are bright and we have few rainy months. The natural environment is privileged, green, wide and varied, which is a perfect for a respectful and sustainable agricultural production.

The place where we live and work gives us ideal conditions for growing strawberries and other Berries. It is part of our commitment to care for it, soil and water, especially thinking about future generations.