The Growing System

Growing strawberries is an intensive process that requires much care and attention. It is important to note every detail, from its installation in tunnels to the use of modern irrigation and fertilization systems. It is essential to optimize water use and the correct application of products that promote nutrition and health of plants and fruits.

Strawberries are grown in a dynamic environment where we must understand how climate, soil, nutrition, pests and diseases affecting each and every plant variety. It is our goal to manage all of our fields, through the best agricultural procedures and standard avoiding any risk of affecting our natural resources.

The life of our strawberries begins in a nursery garden. When plants are ready, they are extracted with their roots. They are cleaned, trimming the excess of stems and leaves. They are then carefully packaged and refrigerated to keep the ideal temperature in hibernation. Then they are stored until sowing.

We count with an external nursery garden that selects and produces plants for us. Plants that grow naturally homogeneous and vigorous. The vigor is critical for their performance in the field. Stronger plants will be more resistant to disease, will give higher quality fruit and will have superior performance.