Our family, our tradition and our origins

Tasemar was created in 1975 as an initiative of Antonio Pérez Martín for the production and exportation of strawberries. In those years there was an increasing demand since Huelva was one of the most important strawberry production centers and supplier for national and international markets.

Our production of this delicious fruit has been increasing at the same time as Huelva has achieved a landmark as one of the origins of higher strawberry quality and higher volume. Today, it is the main production area in Europe.

Since the beginning we wanted Tasemar to be distinguished based on product quality, not only in the fruit itself, its taste and texture, but in its presentation. Over time we have specialized in certain packing that give fruit more attractive `presentation and longer shelf life.

Tasemar concept has been strengthened by the generational change. Children and grandchildren of the founder participate and collaborate in different productive tasks. From farm management and harvesting to the handling, quality control and commercialization.

The company goes through a process of continuous improvement, positioning our brand and doing research in order to produce the best varieties and to offer the most beautiful strawberry presentations. We can say that this is a company whose values ​​are deeply bonded to a family tradition, with a clear commitment to innovation and improvement for quality, excellence and added value.