Tasemar, a family company with a clear vision.

For three generations we have been dedicated to the production of strawberries. We are a family business that has managed to improve our agricultural practices to obtain strawberries of the highest quality. Our business vision is not focused on large volumes of large retailers. Rather it is committed to quality, meticulous attention to production and progressive growth generated by increased demand for our products.

  • Our family works constantly to obtain from our fields the most attractive and delicious strawberries. We cultivate and care for our fruit as part of a tradition recieved from previous generations, those who initiated our company ...

    Tasemar Team

Being specialists in strawberries requires having the ability to deliver the best strawberries in the best possible conditions to thousands of homes. This is no easy task. Over time, we have been able to select the most suitable varieties, use best agricultural practices, choosing the optimal point for picking, implement an exhaustive control quality, develop an attractive packing and properly manage international logistics. There are many factors that lead us down the path of positioning as a company where tradition and quality are the hallmark.

Tasemar is deeply committed to the natural environment and its workers. In that sense we have an Ethical Code that preserves the interests of our human resources at all levels, taking into account working conditions and respect for Human Rights. We are aware that only through caring for the environment and our human capital we will contribute to the sustainability and development of our society.

Download Ethical Code (PDF)