Our production fields

Our fields are the starting point for the entire process of production and exportation of strawberries. We carry out all agricultural practices, from the preparation of the tunnels until the final picking process. Every year the production cycle starts from zero, which allows us to make improvements to obtain the best fruit.

Tasemar has 20 hectares in strawberry production. Every year our company follows a process of expansion and growth, mainly driven by the increase in demand for our fruit. We are a small family business specialized in strawberries and particularilly in certain packing presentations. This has allowed us to achieve a high level of quality and recognition from our customers.

All of our fields are located in Rociana, Condado de Huelva, established and controlled under strict international standards of production. We count with GlobalGAP certifications that guarantee a careful and responsible agricultural production while we take care of our natural environment and our human resources.